Universal Posting: Schedule Content for Any Platform

What is Universal Posting?

  • What? It's a system enabling you to schedule content for platforms where direct posting isn't possible.
  • Why? While it doesn't automate publishing, it sends reminders for when it's time to post.
  • How? Create a profile → Schedule content for it → Receive mobile reminders when it's time to post.

How do I create a Universal Posting profile?

  1. Go to the SocialBee dashboard here, scroll to the Connect a new account panel, and click on Add under Universal Posting.
  2. Enter your account details, including profile picture, name, and network*. Then, click "Connect."
  3. You'll find your Universal Posting profile on your Dashboard.

* You can choose any network from the list (including Facebook Group, Mastodon, Quora, Telegram, and WhatsApp), or go to “Other” for any other network you'd like to post on.

How do I schedule and create content for a Universal Posting profile?

Creating a post for a Universal profile is not too different from creating a post for other social profiles

  1. Go to the Post Editor.
  2. Choose your Universal Profile as the destination. Just like any other post, you can include captions, images, videos, carousels, and more.
  3. Save your post.

Don't forget to set up content categories for your universal profile in the Schedule Setup. Find out how to add new posting slots to your schedule:

How do I post to a Universal profile?

The SocialBee app will send you a mobile notification when it’s time to share content from a Universal Posting profile.

📝 Read more about using the SocialBee mobile app.

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