How Do I Post at a Specific Time?

In SocialBee you can choose to post your content as follows:

  1. Post now (when saving the post)
  2. At a specific time
  3. Get posting times suggestions
  4. Re-queue after posting
  5. Expire post (after it was posted X times OR at a specific date)
  6. According to your posting calendar

Post at a specific time

Whenever you want to, you have the option to schedule a post at a specific time – besides it being added to a Content Category. This feature is useful when you have something to announce, e.g., a launch or a special offer. 

Note: In order to avoid double posting, we recommend you use the “Post at a specific time” for content that's not necessarily in a Content Category that's scheduled in your Posting Schedule. After being posted from its Category, it will either re-enter the sharing cycle (if it’s in an Evergreen category) or disappear (if it’s in a Share Once category). Learn more about Evergreen VS Share-Once
 For example, if you add a posting time at 8AM and your post is found in a Category added in your Posting Schedule for 10AM, your post will be shared twice: once at 8AM (due to “post at a specific time”), twice at 10AM (due to your posting schedule).

How to share a post at a specific time


Go to SocialBee here.


Click on “ Add Post” from the top bar to open our Post Editor


Create your post as you'd normally do: add a caption, media files, #s, etc.


In the “ When to post” section of your screen, click on “Add a posting time”.

Add as many posting times you wish for your post.

Save your post as “ Approved” for it to be shared accordingly.

  • You can choose as many specific schedule times as you need by clicking “Add a posting time” multiple times.
  • You can set a post to be shared at a specific time when you add a new post or when you edit an existing one.

Suggested posting times

When you schedule a post, you have the flexibility to choose any time you prefer. Alternatively, you can opt to post at the suggested times.

We recommend the optimal posting time based on your analytics. These suggestions take into account:

  • The specific account you've chosen
  • The social account with the best historical performance
  • The category of the post
  • The most suitable hour for the selected day

The suggested times are marked with a yellow rectangular outline around the hour and day.

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