How Do I Post at a Specific Time?

Whenever you want to, you have the option to schedule a post at a specific time - besides it being added to a content category. You can either do this when you add your new post or when you want to edit an existing one.

To schedule it, all you have to do is click on the "Add a posting time" and a menu will pop up on your screen.

Once that appears, select the date and time at which you would like these posts to be shared.

No matter what category you add your post to, you will have the ability to post it at a specific time. This feature is especially useful when you have something to announce like a launch or a special offer. You can choose as many specific schedule times as you need by clicking “Add a posting time” once you’ve filled in the info for the first one. 

An important thing to remember is that when you add a specific scheduled time, your post will go out accordingly, from the category it’s in. After being posted, it will either re-enter the sharing cycle (if it’s in an Evergreen category) or disappear (if it’s in a Share Once category).

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