How do I Create a Content Category?

To create a new Content Category, you need to navigate to your Category menu. Once you are there, you can see all the categories you already have (including the preset categories). 

At the top right corner, you’ll be able to see a button that allows you to create a new Content Category.

If you click the “+ Create Category” button, a new window will open, where you will be able to customize the category to suit your needs. The window will open with 3 different tabs: 

  • Setup Category, where you can add the basic details of your category (such as name, description, and color)
  • Default Settings, where you can add the preset settings of that category's posts (such as content type, queue order, and if it can be a random category)
  • URL Settings, where you can add the preset settings of that category's links (such as short links or UTMs)

In the first tab that loads, Setup Category, you’ll be able to add a name and a description to your new category, as well as choosing your category's color.

In the second tab, Default Settings, you will be able to choose where you want to add new posts in relation to your queue (top or bottom), if you want your category to be used as a random category (and you can learn more about this here), and if you want your posts to be re-queued (making them evergreen) or not (which means they will be shared once).

In the third tab, URL Settings, you will be able to choose your short link settings or add UTMs to the new links.

Once you’ve created your new category, you can go ahead and add content to it and add it to your schedule.

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